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Gameplay: Scratch off all four rows. At the end there is a possible main prize of up to €40,000
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At the beginning of the game you can choose your bet: bets of €0.10, €0.20, €0.50 or €1.00 are possible. Your possible maximum winnings are in relation to your stake and are €4,000 (with a stake of €0.10), €8,000 (with a stake of €0.20), €20,000 (with a stake of €0.30). ) or €40,000 (with a stake of €1.00)

With the purchase of a game, you acquire four series of games that you can scratch off manually or automatically. Behind each row is a possible cash prize. Once all rows have been scratched off, you can win a cash prize of up to €40,000.

How does the game work?

EuroScratchpot is a scratch card based on the popular "EuroJackpot" product: You have four rows of games available, each consisting of five numbers from 1 to 50 and two additional numbers (Euronumbers) between 1 and 12. You can scratch open the individual rows (from top to bottom) by hand, open each individual row with the "Automatic" button, or have all four rows opened automatically by clicking on the "Scratch off all" button.

Once all four rows have been scratched, you will be taken to the Winnings Summary where you can view your winnings. Here YOU can change your new bet and restart the game.

How much can I win at EuroScratchpot?

In the event of a win, the winning amount per game is a minimum of €0.20 and a maximum of €40,000.

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