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About Solitaire: Match the cards and clear the board. Collect as many gold cards as possible to walk away with an attractive cash prize. But beware: Time is of the essence!
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How does the game work?

Various playing cards are positioned in the middle of the screen – some facing up, others facing down. On the bottom of the screen you will see a deck with a playing card facing up right next to it. On the top of the screen you will find counters for gold cards, coins and streaks, as well as a timer.

The goal of Solitaire Tropical is to clear the board by removing the cards from the middle of the screen. This is done by matching the cards on the playing field to the card facing up, which is right next to the deck. To make a match, click on the card you’d like to combine with the card facing up. But remember: a match can only be made when the value of the card numbers differs by +1 or –1.

There are several gold cards in the game. The more gold cards you collect, the more scratch cards you get to open at the end of the game. More scratch cards means more chances of winning a cash prize.

A streak results in additional gold cards. You will get a streak by removing several cards in a row without an extra card being drawn from the deck.

Besides gold cards, there are various other cards in the game with special features, for example:

  • Coconuts: This card adds a random amount of cards to your deck.
  • Heat wave: This card adds a random value to your current streak.
  • Locked card: This card needs to be matched twice in order to be removed and to yield an extra prize.
  • Unlimited undo: This card allows to take back an unlimited amount of moves. After undoing a move, you have to move another card to be able to use the undo again.
  • Timer: Clear it before it's timer runs out. Complete to earn instant cash rewards.
  • Tropical Wave: This card washes away random cards from the board.
  • Joker: This card can be matched with any card.
  • Maracas: Gold Cards on the board can't resist the beat and will start dancing, making them unmatchable. Clear the maracas card to be able to collect Gold Cards again. Complete to earn instant cash rewards.

But be quick! Time waits for no one! At the beginning of the game, the timer is set to two minutes. If you manage to clear the playing field before time is up, you’ll get additional gold cards.

The game is over once there are no more cards on the playing field or cards left in the deck.

At the end of the game, you can uncover as many fields as number of gold cards you collected. If you uncover three fields displaying matching sums, you will win the amount shown in that field.

By clicking on the red fast-forward button, you can activate the automatic mode. This results in the game being played for you in high-speed mode. Don’t worry, pushing the fast-forward button does not have any influence on the winning probability.

Can I choose how much I want to bet?

You can decide how much you want to bet on Solitaire Tropical. It’s possible to bet between €0.50 and €15 per game, and the prize money depends on the amount you bet: the more you bet, the more you can win.

How much can I win in Solitaire Tropical?

Jackpots can reach up to €750,015 per game.

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