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About Star Match Platinum: Combine three puzzle pieces of the same color in a line, horizontal or vertical. Complete tasks to collect stars.
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How does the game work?

The game Star Match Platinum consists of two parts. During the first part you’ll play a puzzle game, during the second part you’ll play a scratch card game.

In the puzzle game, you’ll see a number of fields, each field covered by a puzzle piece. There are six different kinds of puzzle pieces in the game – all different in form, symbol and colour.

By default, the puzzle game consists of 25 moves. Each move allows you to relocate a puzzle piece of your choice to a neighbouring field of your choice. The goal of this part of the game is to combine at least three puzzle pieces matching in form, symbol and colour to make up a row – horizontally or vertically. If you combine five matching puzzle pieces, you can also combine them to make up a L or T shaped form.

If you have combined at least three matching puzzle pieces in a row, they all dissolve, not disappearing however, but being gathered on the right side of the screen. The puzzle pieces from the rows above replace those puzzle pieces on the field. The upper rows are then filled up with new, randomly chosen puzzle pieces.

In the course of the game, it’s also possible to create so-called “power puzzle pieces”, simply by realising certain combinations of matching puzzle pieces – a row consisting of four or five puzzle pieces or a L or T shaped form with five matching puzzle pieces. These power puzzle pieces make a lot of puzzle pieces disappear at once and have a slightly different colour than the regular puzzle pieces. By combining such power puzzle pieces with other power puzzle pieces, additional effects can be realised which then also lead to the dissolvement of a huge amount of puzzle pieces.

You can also win additional moves, whenever the following scenario takes place: It’s possible that fields showing two arrows which point in opposite directions show up on the playing field. If such a field is located right next to a combination of at least three matching puzzle pieces in a row or is involved in the effect created by a power puzzle piece, you’ll get five additional moves to use during the game.

In addition, there can also be gold coins showing up on the playing field. If the gold coins are located right next to a combination of at least three matching puzzle pieces in a row, horizontally or vertically, you’ll get a money prize.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see six storage containers – one for each of the six different puzzle pieces that are part of the game. All puzzle pieces that dissolve during the game are collected in these containers. For each puzzle piece, there are three different so-called “collection targets”. At first, you need to collect 8 puzzle pieces, then 25 and after that 40 to reach a collection target. As soon as you’ve reached one of the targets, you’ll receive a star. The aim is to collect 18 stars by reaching all 18 collection targets.

Stars can also appear as a star symbol directly on the playing field. If such a star symbol is located right next to a combination of at least three matching puzzle pieces in a row or is involved in the effect created by a power puzzle piece, you’ll receive one more star.

You can play manually or activate the automatic mode by clicking on “Quick play” – with neither option influencing your winning probability.

After the end of the puzzle game, the scratch card game gets started. Here you need to uncover all fields with a star symbol. The number of fields depends on the number of stars you’ve won during the puzzle game. You can uncover the fields by and by or click “Reveal all”. Each single field will reveal a money prize. If there are identical amounts shown on three of these fields, you’ll win the respective amount once.

Can I determine how much I want to bet?

You can decide yourself how much you want to bet on Star Match Platinum. It’s possible to bet between €0.50 and €15 per game. The prize money depends on your betting amount. The more you bet, the more you can win.

How much can I win in Star Match Platinum?

In case of a win, the prize money per game is at least €0.10 and not exceeding €750,015.

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