Teddy Thunder's Bingo Buzz

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Gameplay:The more of your numbers match, the higher your win. Good luck!
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How does the game work?

You buy between one and five bingo cards with which you can win. Each additional card increases the chosen bet. As soon as the game starts, numbers are drawn and marked on your bingo cards. If a pattern matches a pattern in the paytable, you win. (Note: The first pattern (5 hits in a row) can appear in any row on the bingo card to count as a hit.)

A bingo game consists of one to five bingo cards. Each bingo card contains 24 different numbers. A bingo card consists of five columns marked with the letters B, I, N, G and O. Within each column there are five or one time four numbers from the number range 1 to 75 sorted according to the corresponding color.

The "Buzz Feature" at the upper right edge of the playing field fills up over time when the necessary special "Buzz Balls" are drawn. Once the "Buzz Feature" is triggered, it multiplies the win x3.

Can I choose my stake?

Possible bets in Teddy Thunder's Bingo Buzz are 0.20 €, 0.40 €, 0.60 €, 0.80 €, or 1.00 €. The size of the bet affects your potential winnings - the more you bet, the more you can win.

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