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About World Cup: Time to compete! You have the chance to win up to €175,000. You only need to beat the goalkeeper — and yourself!
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How does the game work?

This game is a penalty shootout as you know it from numerous thrilling football matches. The objective of the game is to score as many goals as possible.

At the beginning of the game, you need to specify your individual betting amount, which determines the maximum prize. You can bet from £0.50 to £3.50 — and the prize money can be as high as £175,000.

The penalty shootout will start as soon as you clicked on the button “Pay & play”. In the goal, you will see a goalkeeper, that your football needs to pass by. There are two target circles — one above the goal, another on the right-hand side of the goal — moving back and forth. With these two you determine which trajectory your football will take. The first mouse click stops the first target circle, the second mouse click stops the second target circle. Right after that, the football will be shot towards the goal — right at the targeted position. In each round you have five shots.

If you do not feel like you will be able to score a goal, you can choose to play the option “Quick play”. You will see the button at the top left corner of the display. In that case, there will be a penalty shootout which is automatically conducted by the system. One manual click, five automatic shots.

After five attempts you will see six fields. One shows a flag, five show a football. Each scored goal allows you to uncover one field showing a football. You can reveal the field showing the flag each time — whether you have scored a goal or not. You win the money prize shown on each uncovered field. By the way: You can also choose to have the fields uncovered automatically at random. This option is called “Random selection”.

You can finish the game after each round. However, you also have the possibility to choose a new individual betting amount, pay and play again.

How much can I win in World Cup?

In case of a win, the prize money per game is at least £0.50 and not exceeding £175,000.

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